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Bridging Nations for Energy Innovation!

The UEST team accompanied a Bangladesh delegation to Europe’s second-largest gas storage: RAG’s gas storage facility in Haidach, Austria.

Our team was pleased to accompany a delegation from Bangladesh to the gas storage facility of RAG in Haidach, Austria. This state-of-the-art facility stands as the second largest gas storage in Europe.

The RAG gas storage facility in Haidach is a joint venture with SEFE (Securing Energy of Europe) and a crucial player in Austria’s and Germany’s energy landscape, providing a vast and strategic solution for gas storage. The facility’s substantial size ensures a significant contribution to energy security and supply in the region.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to showcase the facility’s impressive infrastructure. From underground storage solutions to cutting-edge technology, the delegation gained insights into the scale and efficiency of the facility’s operations.

Thank you to RAG and Georg Schober for the presentation and the visit!

About Underground Energy Storage Technologies (UEST)

As a centre of excellence, UEST is a strategic partnership of the HOT Energy Group, the ILF Consulting Engineers Austria, RED Drilling & Services, and CAC Engineering. The consortium fuses the individual partners’ decades of specialised know-how and expertise in underground storage technologies.

UEST delivers high-end and cutting-edge solutions for natural gas (UGS), carbon dioxide (CCUS), and hydrogen storage – from prospect assessment and operational planning, drilling, workover, and well engineering, all the way through to handover of storage facilities.


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